What to look for when hiring a Dormer Contractor

Signs That You’re Hiring The Best Dormer Contractor In Bellmore

The average renovation costs American homeowners anywhere between $19,800 and $73,200, according to HomeGuide. The average dormer addition here in Nassau County Long Island can go for around $120,000-$150,000+ for a half dormer, and for around $200,000 to $300,000+ for a full dormer.

If you’re upgrading any area in your home, you’re spending a substantial amount. It doesn’t matter whether your costs are on the high-end or low-end of the average mentioned above. 

Any significant renovation investment requires a meaningful return to be worth it, reflected in the quality of services, craftsmanship, quality-of-life benefits, and increased dollar value. 

Such a notion rings true if you’re upgrading, touching up, or making wholesale additions across your household. Renovations can be almost as impactful as buying a new home (albeit much more affordable). After all, even the most seemingly minor projects can drastically change your home’s flow, function, and/or feel.

We’ve been speaking broadly about additions and installations to emphasize that you deserve the best overall renovation experience. Moreover, we want you to be excited about turning your house into something more and improving your quality of life.

This preamble brings us to our main topic: finding the ideal dormer contractor in Bellmore.

Finding the best dormer contractors near you will prove invaluable as you make an exciting addition to your home’s 2nd story.

While we’ll take this moment to point out that Ogilvie Contracting Co. is the top dormer contractor Bellmore offers, not everyone is familiar with this particular renovation.

What Is A Dormer, And What Can Dormer Companies Do For Your Home?

A dormer window is found on a roof’s sloped side. It brings natural light into any room with a vaulted ceiling, such as an attic or loft. 

Standing vertically within a framed structure, dormers jut outward from the main roof’s pitch. Dormers also possess their own mini-roof above the window. 

Often, dormer windows are associated with cottage-style, Colonial, and Greek Revival architecture. All the same, a dormer can feature on any home with a sloped roof. 

What Is A Common Goal When Working With Dormer Companies?

The Bellmore area is filled with split-level, ranch, and cape-style homes. These dwellings are often less than two full stories and boast plenty of charm and aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, they are also notorious for wasting second-floor square footage.

Not all the space in the second story of many Bellmore homes is usable. It’s a wise investment for residents in one of these homes to maximize their living environment.

One clever method homeowners use to extract more value and space from their not-quite-two-story dwelling is adding dormers. 

Working with dormer contractors to build even the smallest dormer can add more usable space. However, the benefits don’t end there. For example, a well-built dormer attracts more natural light to your living space–and we’re still barely scratching the surface of all the advantages.

A Quality Dormer Contractor In Bellmore Brings Multiple Benefits To Your Home

A dormer increases headroom by raising part of the room. A dormer can give you precious, usable space that was once unusable and hard to reach.

We’ll then ask, are you thinking that roof windows and skylights can do enough the add some brightness to your second floor instead of installing dormers? 

Provided you answered yes, you’ll definitely get that extra light. Still, you won’t enjoy the vastly increased space offered by dormers.

It’s worth noting a dormer can offer more space to add the following rooms to your home:

  • Extra bedroom
  • Laundry room
  • Master bedroom suite
  • Parent-Child apartment
  • Bathroom

What Should You Consider Before Hiring A Dormer Contractor In Bellmore?

We’ll eventually delve into what you should seek in trustworthy, reputable dormer companies that keep your best interests top of mind.

However, part of separating ourselves as the top dormer contractor in Bellmore at Ogilvie Contracting is educating you on what to consider before committing to us. We want you to be as informed as possible before reaching such a significant investment decision.

What Style Dormer Window Are You Getting Installed?

Dormer windows are not one-size-fits-all, nor are they one-style-fits-all. The structure and style of your roof will dictate what type of dormer contractors install.

Here are the dormer types you can choose from:

Gable Dormer

Gable dormers are the most frequently installed dormer, featuring a triangular sloped roof extending over the window. 

Eyebrow Dormer

An eyebrow dormer roof is known for its subtly curved wave. This feature extends up and over the window.

Furthermore, eyebrow dormers offer the illusion of an onlooking eye peering from below a hooded lid. These dormers also lack any added vertical wall slides. 

Gambrel Dormer

At the peak of a gambrel dormer roof is a gable. This dormer drops down into two steeper roof slopes on the roof’s sides, projecting a barn-like aesthetic. 

Shed dormer: 

The shed dormer’s trademark is its one sloping roof plane. Despite its shallower pitch, it slants in the same directions as the main roof’s slope. 

So minimal is a shed dormer’s pitch that it can seem horizontal. However, there is just enough slope to ensure water can runoff. 

Wall Dormer

A wall dormer might have any number of roof styles but is most known for what’s happening at the dormer’s frontside. Specifically, the exterior wall below extends. 

The main part of the house’s siding continues up into the dormer rather than setting back mid-roof. This unique feature has the dormer’s frontside flush with the front of the house. 

Lucarne Dormer

Gothic cathedrals are the primary inspiration of lucarne dormers. It’s in these historical buildings that such dormers were typically found. 

Tallness and narrowness are two common traits of lucarne dormers, with most having gable roofs built over the windows.  

Bonnet Dormer 

Known for a signature curved roof and vertical walls on both sides of the window, a bonnet dormer often has arch-top windows installed. This way, the window-top matches the bonnet’s arch. 

Blind Dormer

A blind–or false–dormer is a strictly aesthetic dormer, not permitting any light into a loft.

These dormers perfectly emulate the appearance of a standard dormer window. However, they attach to the roof’s surface and don’t open into the house’s interior. You wouldn’t be able to tell there was a dormer from the inside of your home. 

Hip Dormer

The standout feature of hip dormers is three roof planes. It has one on each side, while number three runs parallel with the dormer’s front side. 

In sloping upward, all three planes converge at the roof’s peak. 

Ogilvie Contracting will work with you to decide what dormer style works best for your specific home.

What Should You Look For In A Dormer Contractor In Bellmore?

Now, it’s time to detail what you should prioritize when seeking reliable dormer companies:

You Deserve A Dormer Contractor In Bellmore Who Works Fast Without Sacrificing Quality

Our competitors will often take 6 to 9 months to complete your dormer addition. Some of our (eventual) customers were even told it could take 11 months. That’s not acceptable to us at Ogilvie.

In serving the Bellmore community, we’ve gotten to know our neighbors. We’ve learned how busy you are and how much you value your time.

Plus, we’re homeowners ourselves at Ogilvie. We know full well how panic-inducing and chaotic renovations can be. You don’t want a revolving door of dormer contractors exiting and entering your personal space.

We’re not in the business of upending your life for half a year-plus. Instead, on average–available materials and weather permitted–it takes Ogilvie Contracting 10 to 12 weeks to get the job done.

Ogilvie works fast for multiple reasons. The three reasons our projects flow so efficiently are:

  1. You deal directly with the owners throughout the whole process. You are given direct contact with Donald, David, Sean, and Beth our secretary to provide clear communications for any questions, comments, or concerns.  
  2. We have a great group of sub-contractors that have worked with us for 10-20+ years. They work for us with the understanding of our high-quality standards, that other contractors normally look past. 
  3. We schedule our subs in an efficient manner that theirs rarely a day when work isn’t being completed. 

Owners Donald, David, and Sean Ogilvie are our the go-to dormer contractors. 

Our team members are fully insured and licensed. Our record with the Nassau County and Suffolk County Departments of Consumer Affairs is unblemished. 

As Ogilvie’s owners, Donald, David, and Sean are tuned into how difficult and anxiety-inducing it can be to decide between dormer companies. There’s a lot to choose from, and as owners, they want to be there to streamline the process and make everything easier by:

  • Giving you a detailed proposal generous allowances for all finishes
  • Providing a thorough payment schedule
  • Requiring a highly affordable minimum $100 deposit to begin construction 
  • Guiding you through each stage of dormer construction
  • Aiding in the selection and purchasing coordination for your materials
  • Answering each one of your questions throughout the entire construction process

Having the owners of Ogilvie put in the work themselves means you’ll benefit from a team of dormer contractors using the best quality material and high-level practices. At no point will the Ogilvies cut a single corner. 

The Ideal Dormer Contractor In Bellmore Wants You To Thrive After Construction Is Complete.

Ogilvie Construction has developed its top-notch reputation over the past thirty-five years by doing high-quality work and not standing for anything less. Our customers are our neighbors–and installing eye-catching, expertly-crafted dormers makes our neighborhood a better place to live. We’re as invested in giving you the best possible results as you are in getting them.

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